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Technical Services

The definition of asset characteristics is the foundation on which the entire enhancement process is based, which is why the Team's focus is on ensuring reliable and timely analysis systems. The regulatory and procedural expertise, together with the knowledge of the correct bureaucratic processes necessary for the definition of the activities, allows to share with the Client the correct timing of the execution of the activities. The Team's ability to analyze critical issues and timely process management ensures high levels of performance for the Client throughout the country.

  • Directional (%)
  • Logistics (%)
  • Industrial (%)
  • Services (%)
  • Residential (%)
  • Receptive (%)
  • Millions/€


- Access to records
- Architectural, plant, topographical surveys, texture calculation and digital graphic restitution
- Due Diligence


- Regularization of urban and cadastral planning
- Drafting Building Practices
- Data room and paper and/or digital document cataloging
- Energy Certification
- Certifications of Cadastral Compliance ex L. 122/2010
- Optimization of cadastral rents


- Construction Management
- Site Management