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Alessandro Randazzo

Administrator and Technical Director

With a degree in Mechanical Engineering, he specialized in design, construction management and occupational safety management of complex contracts for institutional and private Clients. During his professional life he has excelled in managing complex contracts for Institutional and Private Clients today he is the technical manager of the company.

Fabio Marzi


A graduate in Mechanical Engineering, he has specialized in the management of complex projects through more than a decade of experience within asset management and service companies. Over the years he has acquired specializations in Facility Management and Program - Project Management. He has assumed the role of Key Account on various contracts.

Fabio Velluti

Administrator and HSE Director

A graduate in Environmental and Land Engineering, he is involved in occupational safety and fire protection design. His specialization in the field now also leads him to teaching for public and private institutions in the specific field. He is the head of the division that deals with consulting in the field of safety and fire protection.

Ilaria De Marco

Architecture and Urban Planning

A graduate of Architecture U.E. within the company is part of the divisions dealing with architectural design and technical services. She specializes in activities involving urban planning and cadastral surveys and regularizations, but she is also involved in Due Diligence activities, architectural surveys, graphics, 3D processing and renderings.

Davide Antonio D'Arace

Process and Procurement Management

Having gained strong experience in integrated design and construction site management, he specializes in managing complex processes and contracts for residential, office and hotel buildings. She deals with all stages of the process: from preliminary design to construction management, planning and controlling time and expense items of projects and providing clients with careful supervision.

Francesca Partemi

Construction Site and Labor Safety

Graduated in Building Engineering-Architecture U.E. and qualified as Safety Coordinator. In Alfacubo, she assumes the management role in the field of safety in construction sites and workplaces and collaborates in design and site management activities. She has acquired within the company, thanks to experience in facility management, excellent problem solving and supplier management skills.

Giacomo Pizzuti

Project and facility manager

Graduated in Civil Engineering, with a Master's degree in Project Management where he obtained IPMA and CAPM certifications, within the company he is part of the divisions dealing with design and technical services. Experienced in safety management at construction sites, but is in charge of the entire project management.

Silvia Sinisi

Fire Protection and Construction Management

Graduated in Building Engineering-Architecture U.E., registered in the Register of Engineers of Rome and in the Ministerial Lists of Fire Prevention Professionals, licensed as Safety Coordinator, she is mainly involved in the elaboration of projects with particular regard to fire prevention design, construction supervision and safety in the workplace.

Patrizio Tucci

Administrative Manager

A law graduate with a Master's degree in Business Administration, he specializes in tax, fiscal and labor consulting. For the company, in addition to serving as Administrative Manager, he is a labor consultant, an indispensable figure empowered to perform useful activities for the proper functioning of the company.

Ludovica Cerone

Support various stages construction process and Safety Coordination

A graduate of U.E. Building Engineering-Architecture registered and licensed as a Safety Coordinator is interested in and works on all phases of the building process: from interdisciplinary architectural and energy design to restoration and rehabilitation.

Andrea Picco

Construction and Energy

He holds a degree in Building Engineering-Architecture U.E. and is a member of the Order of Engineers of Rome, and also holds the ISIPM-Base Project Manager certification. In the company, he is in charge of complete management, from design to construction management, for private and institutional clients and integrated design with a strong leaning toward energy in complex contracts.

Paolo Simone Cascavilla

Construction and Energy

With a degree in Building Systems Engineering and registered with the Order of Engineers, he has gained work experience in Italy and abroad. Within the company, he works on the development of projects with a focus on the energy side, constantly updated on issues concerning Renewable Energy.