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WHO ARE WE? SERVICES. Alfacubo Sustainability. Circular Economy. Renewable Energy. Who we are. Alfacubo was founded in 2010 by the meeting of different professionalism with consolidated experience in the field of design integrated, in the management of assets real estate, in the field of construction and technical consulting. Alfacubo is a full service provider of all technical aspects related to the development, redevelopment and technical management of real estate. Alfacubo is a full service provider aimed at to the strategic support of the Real Estate through an innovative and integrated in addressing the different aspects technical aspects related to the real estate world. The Company's objective is to ensure high quality standards and the complete satisfaction of the Client, accompanying him through the path necessary to achieve the goal set. CONTACT US  Counseling 2 Counseling
The skills of a multidisciplinary Team are put at the service of the Client to support him in defining the best strategies applicable to achieve the set objectives. The timely analysis of the project characteristics and its intrinsic potential is the foundation for defining the intervention methodologies to be applied for value generation. The desire is to assess all potential risks, turning any critical issues into opportunities for the Client. The Team's accumulated experience and creative vision enable an innovative approach determined to enhance value, while respecting the set and shared objectives. CONTACT US
Design The expertise of a Team, composed of professionals specialized in different fields of architecture and engineering, is made available to the Client to meet all project objectives. The desire is to accompany the Client from the concept to the definition of individual construction aspects, going through all project phases with a shared vision. The design model proposed to the market is of the integrated and modular type, where the principles of sustainability and energy containment are the cornerstone. The Team's multidisciplinary approach and strong drive for innovation enable the Client to achieve the set goals in terms of performance, construction costs and asset management costs. CONTACT US Technical Services
The definition of asset characteristics is the foundation on which the entire enhancement process is based, which is why the Team's focus is on ensuring reliable and timely analysis systems. The regulatory and procedural expertise, together with the knowledge of the correct bureaucratic processes necessary for the definition of the activities, allows to share with the Client the correct timing of the execution of the activities. The Team's ability to analyze critical issues and timely process management ensures high levels of performance for the Client throughout the country. CONTACT US
The implementation of tested and certified Safety Management Systems (SGS) guarantees the Client the highest degree of attention to all issues related to the world of safety in workplaces and temporary and mobile construction sites. The Team's extensive experience enables the application of extremely reliable models and proven procedures. The Team's multidisciplinary approach allows it to holistically analyze all risks present and consequently to define and manage the correct behavior protocols. The Team is also supportive of the Client in assuming all direct responsibilities related to the roles required by current regulations. CONTACT US
Alfacubo is commitment and passion
With over a decade of integrated services supporting sustainable projects, circular economy and renewable energy.

Renewable Energy

Let's bring the projects of the future to life today.


Real Estate Sustainability Project Consultant


Renewables Energy Project Consultant


Our services

Alfacubo S.r.l. operates in the field of consulting, design of technical services and safety in support of sustainable projects, circular economy and renewable energy. We are able to provide quick and concrete answers to all problems related to technical and management aspects.


The Team's capabilities are put at the service of the Client for analysis, research and management of effective solutions to achieve enhancement targets.

  • Technical-Economic Feasibility
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Facility Management
  • Energy Management
  • Audit


A Team's expertise enables it to meet technical and economic objectives of the Client with integrated fit-to-cost design models.

  • Architectural
  • Structural
  • Mechanics
  • Electric
  • Energetics
  • Firefighting

Technical Services

The Team's experience guarantees the Client a reliable and timely partner in defining asset characteristics and handling critical issues.

  • Surveys
  • Regularizations
  • Due Diligence
  • Energy Certification
  • Construction Management
  • Site Management


Through proven Safety Management Systems, the Team ensures the Client establishes procedures and assumes legal responsibilities.

  • RSPP
  • DVR - AR - DUVRI
  • RL
  • ASPP
  • CSP - CSE
  • PSC - POS

Our certifications

UNI ISO 14001:2015 Audit Service & Certification (IAS)

UNI ISO 9001:2015 Audit Service & Certification (IAS)

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The Alfacubo Team

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